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The infotainment software in the Model S and Model X
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Apple CarPlay support
Adaptive Sound Level Stereo
Adaptive Sound Level causes the stereo volume to increase as the ambient noise in the cabin increases (generally due to driving faster, rolling down windows, etc).

Advanced systems monitor the sound within the cabin, however a simple system that used a standard adjustment based on driving speed would work just fine.

This is a feature I had on cars going back to the early 2000's, and it is conspicuously absent on Teslas.
Hide calendar when backing up
I have the feature enabled where my calendar is automaticlaly shows first thing in the morning. However, I park head in and put the car in reverse when I back out. Unfortunately the calendar covers my rear camera display. It would be nice if when the calendar automatically shows, if the car is put into reverse then the calendar is hidden so they rear camera view is visible.