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Improve search by location
When I search for a stay in a specific town, I would like to see all the stays in the town that I am searching. Many times places to stay are shown in other towns before the available places in the town I am searching in. Also, I would to have a filter for other types of stays. For example Resorts, RVs.
Improve website navigation
The phone app is very easy to use and navigate thru. The website is difficult to use and makes you have to keep hunting to get where you want to go.
Allow charging for infants under 2
When a guest is purchasing the rental, the software where you enter the guests gives the infants under 2 for free. There is no charge for those guests. These guests are very expensive to service. The supplies they use and the cleaning is extensive for these Infants and the software should be able to allow the Host to to decide this and not just automatically give this away. Many Hosts don't want infants. So support the ones that do.
Add check-in instructions
If you try to add check in instructions using the web site it is impossible to find. It is easy to do with the phone App and you can add pictures showing the check in routine