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USB-C Replace Lightening
The lighting connector was a godsend when it first came out: small, reversible, and fast. However it would be better for everyone (me included) if all devices and computers used the same universal connector. For example, I have two Apple laptops that utilize USB-C and I cannot share the chargers with my iPhone. Not to mention other gadgets, adapters, and flash drives.
Reassign Screenshot Buttons
Taking a screenshot on iPhone X requires pressing Lock button and Volume Up button, which leads to screenshots being taken by mistake when pulling the phone out of one's pocket. Apple should either reassign this action or make it so the software understands when an accidental screenshot has been taken and offer to delete from camera-roll.
Global GPS tracking like Tile or TrackR
It would be really helpful if iPhone had built-in support for global GPS location using the shared bluetooth of all Apple GPS enabled devices. Why do I need to buy a 3rd paty device when Apple can simply add this with a software update.
Faster response to touch when waking
On the iPhone X you can touch the screen to wake, but it takes more than a full second for the phone to register your input and respond -- enough to make you doubt it registered it at all. I would like to see this become faster in the next software update
Metal back instead of glass
The glass back certainly has a nice feel, but it has a number of drawbacks including: heavier, thicker, dissipates heat poorly, and is more fragile than the old metal back.